Welcome to the new Matter II Media website. And this blog.

To begin, a few words on what this company is about: collectivity, ‘the quality or state of being collective’. We chose the term because we develop technologies principally for people when they are together: when they share an experience, create content together, or act together for any common purpose; whether they collect in small groups, for example around an electronically enhanced table, or en masse, for example crowds of people with camera phones.

But we chose the term to signify more than that. There is a quality in what we feel when we act with a shared purpose. When collectivity works well there is an energy like electricity that comes with it: a frisson from being in an experience together; a strength that comes with numbers and diversity.

Our mission is to enable and support collectivity, especially where it empowers people in relation to social issues.

We work with local government and communities, artists and audiences, brands and fans, companies and their workforce.

Ask us how we can use digital technologies to bring about your collective best.