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    Mobile apps
    Apps for cities, crowds, places & things

    Apps on computers. Apps on mobile phones. That’s it, right?

    Actually, there’s much more. Apps can run out in the rest of the world where we work and play. We’ve built apps for cities, crowds, places and things. We have over a decade’s experience building apps for the world we live in. We’ve even built apps for mobile phones for over half a decade (such as this one in 2005, based on 2D barcodes for the BBC).

    If you’d like an app to engage the people who matter most to you, an app that runs out in the world where they spend their time — or where you would like them to spend their time — please get in touch.

    Expert witness, analysis & research

    See Tim Kindberg Consulting if you require an expert witness, or analysis/research into mobile apps or related technologies: infrastructure, capabilities, requirements, user experience, business, patents.



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