Touch for immersive interactions

The Touch platform delivers immersive experiences to users carrying tokens containing RFID or NFC chips – a technology now familiar as contactless for payments. Touch is a type of check-in as part of a location-specific experience. It is more fine-grained than its Facebook equivalent, and more engaging due to the physical design of the token and the touchpoint.

For example, you hand your card to a character in a performance, who mysteriously knows your name even though you’ve never met her before. Or you put down your cup on a baseplate in a cafe to receive an SMS containing the latest question in a quiz, or a clue in a multi-platform narrative.

Touch can be used to trigger content via SMS or voice call, via social media, or using hardware such as projection or light controllers.

We based Touch on the software we wrote to engage participants in interactive theatre pieces Fortnight and Magna Mysteria, which used all of those modalities.

Touch connects the physical world to social media

We used Touch for high-impact engagement at a new car launch, which consisted of attractions laid around an exhibition hall. Guests could ‘like’ an attraction on Facebook simply by touching their lanyard to it. We then made suggestions based on where they had visited so far, and anyone who visited all of them was automatically entered in a prize draw.