Interactive theatre

Proto-type theatre company’s Fortnight is an extended, multi-platform experience for groups of people to get to know their city in new ways. Fortnight ran in several cities including Bristol, Brighton, Manchester and Nottingham.

Participants were each given a badge containing a unique RFID chip. We created a platform so that the unexpected would happen whenever they touched their badges to one of the pieces they were asked to visit. We can’t tell you more (for the sake of future participants), but many people became deeply engaged in a fresh acquaintance with where they lived and with others who lived there.

Read about Fortnight in The Pervasive Media Cookbook.

Mercurial Wrestler provided a completely different extended experience over the city, using similar technology provided by us. This time, the RFID chips were hidden in Tarot cards. Again, the magic involved is hush-hush but even we were taken aback when we tried it.

Our work on Fortnight and Magna Mysteria led to the Touch platform for immersive experiences.