A live performance between Kampala, Kigali and Bristol

Can You Hear Me Now was performed by casts of young people in three very different cities, who communicated before and during the event about digital connectivity and what it means to them – their similarities and differences. It was created by Caroline Williams in Bristol, working with her counterparts Brian Geza at the Mashirika performing arts group in Kigali, and Muhawenimana Sarafina in Kampala. Can You Hear Me Now was a MAYK production with funding from the British Council.

The performances culminated in a powerful moment of going live and dancing together. We developed custom live-streaming software, which ran in the browser and followed a simple aesthetic in harmony with the show.

Unlike Skype, Google Hangouts etc., our software splits the display device from the capture devices. Display was via a laptop with a projector; vision and sound were captured from mobile phones in the hands of the casts.