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    Tim Kindberg, the founder and managing director of matter 2 media, has two decades of experience as a computer scientist, helping technologies grow to solve business problems and create and enhance experiences for users.  He spent the last decade researching and developing mobile services and technologies — at Hewlett-Packard Labs in Palo Alto and Bristol, and then at matter 2 media.   He is an expert on pervasive (ubiquitous) computing, which makes use of cameras, location technologies and other sensors found on mobile phones to deliver media that integrates with the real world around us.  He has been the leader of industrial partnerships.  He is a textbook author, an inventor on ten patents, has published many scientific papers, and is a regular speaker at conferences. You can find out more about him via champignon.net.


    We work on applications of ‘touch’ (NFC, RFID, QR) technologies with Rik Lander, a writer, director and producer of interactive media. See ItsAtouchThing for more details.

    For  iPhone and Android app development, we work with Calvium and their AppFurnace development platform.