• The Nth Screen

    Posted 2013.04.25

    Matter 2 Media’s Tim Kindberg has been working on multi-screen apps for some time — from back in the 80s, actually, when he did his PhD on Reconfigurable Distributed Computations (see Guardian article below), and more recently with Steve Chamberlain on Heads , and on It’s the Skin You’re Living In with Fevered Sleep.

    Now Tim and UWE’s Charlotte Crofts have been funded by REACT for their project The Nth Screen. In this project we’ll study the making of films as an audiovisual experience synchronised across participants’ mobile phones & tablets — and whatever other screens happen to be around. Running against the trend for people to communicate remotely, such a multi-device, multi-segment film is for people to enjoy and discuss together in social, co-located groups. Each participant unlocks part of the film by connecting their device. The other devices respond to their presence, to reveal further film segments. The study will result in a ‘calling card’ film, and will enhance our platform for creating shared, accumulative, reactive and beautiful narrative experiences.

    We held a workshop with film makers in early May, and are now working with Hazel Grian as director to make a short Nth Screen feature.