• The video turntable at Encounters

    Posted 2010.12.01

    matter 2 media provided the video turntable: a prototype interactive installation at Encounters international short film festival in Bristol, November 2010.

    The video turntable plays trailers from the festival. Film fans attending the festival – and only those attending the festival – connect to it on the mobile web (no app required). From the turntable’s web page, they select trailers to play on the turntable and download them to their mobiles.

    The projector hangs from the ceiling like a lamp; there are no electronics below it. As the clip of the turntable shows, the projection surface is an ordinary bar table, providing an intimate experience of the films as conversation pieces. Want to talk about the one we’re both going to see later, or the one I saw yesterday? Let’s call it up on the turntable and we can discuss it.

    If you look carefully, at one point the video turns to face one of the people standing around it: it senses the presence of those around it and turns to face them.

    The experience is casual and informal. If you like, you can place your beer on it while it plays. There are flyers about the turntable laying on it, but the turntable itself explains how to connect to it between videos. It’s a crystal, so only those at the event can connect to it and its content can be made exclusive to them. One way to connect is to read its QR code – see the video below. There’s a simple alternative for those without a code reader.

    Contact us if you’re interested in a video turntable for your film festival or cinema lobby – or for any other event where you’d like to distribute content as a conversation piece, exclusively to your attendees.

    By the way, the video playing on the table above is a trailer for Farat by Velislava Gospodinova