• City Machine

    Posted 2010.07.25

    matter 2 media’s Tim Kindberg spent a very enjoyable time in Berlin giving the keynote talk on City Machines at ICPS 2010. The slides are now available on slideshare.

    The key points from the talk are:

    • The importance of presence and flows of the virtual in cities, in addition to location.  What is around us and flowing past us is often as important as where we are in the city.
    • The interconnectedness of the social, technical and material infrastructure of cities.  It is not possible to understand city technologies separately from human behaviours and bricks and mortar all combined in the city machine.
    • Like Harry Beck’s revolutionary map of the London Underground, we need abstract, highly applicable, citywide notions of human and crowd interaction in urban environments.

    We are keen to discuss these ideas with anyone else interested in making urban computing a useful and creative reality.

    There are a few glitches in the slides due to slideshare’s conversion process.  Please let us know if anything has become unclear.