• Fashion Popcorn

    Posted 2010.07.29

    Stop press: video now available!

    matter 2 media’s Krstl made its debut last week at Fashion Popcorn, a salon at the London College of Fashion that started a conversation between individuals interested in the future of fashion, film and pervasive digital media.  The event was part of the official Rushes Short Film Festival programme and was produced by Featherhouse in association with Shooting People.

    A panel kicked off the discussion, consisting of organisers Emily Fleuriot and Harriet Fleuriot (the other organisers Constance Fleuriot and Roma Vaccaro were in the audience), film-maker Kathryn Ferguson, and matter 2 media’s Tim Kindberg.

    There were two interactive crystals at Fashion Popcorn, designed to show digital concepts for fashion retail and fashion shows in a fun way.  As with all crystals, this interactive fashion experience was available only to those at the event (thanks to our loctcha technologies). We delivered the experience via the web on the guests’ mobile phones, using local WiFi or cellular data.  Mobile applications don’t have to involve iPhones or downloaded mobile apps: Krstl’s approach is to include as many people as possible.

    The interactive mannequin, pictured below, answered questions about the metallic gold and pink Dr Martens’ boots in front of it (2010 is Dr Martens’ 50th anniversary), and showed a video of the Noisettes in which singer Shingai Shoniwa wears the boots glowingly.  As well as the public display, the mannequin talks and interacts in private via web pages. Despite the effects of the lighting in some of the pics, the mannequin is funny rather than scary!  It moves its eyes around thoughtfully as it ponders the questions put to it, and remarks on which boots are the objects of its visitors’ attention.


    The interactive mannequin ponders its answers...

    The interactive mannequin answers questions and shows videos about the DMs


    Mannequin showing the Noisettes' video
    Mannequin showing Noisettes' video

    DMs with video played by mannequin (unseen) in the background


    The other crystal was the table-top colour dome below, which glows ambiently when no-one is interacting with it, but tells visitors their personal “colour fortunes” on request, by uniquely flashing the colour it has chosen for them to wear based on their “personal auras”.


    The glowing "colour fortune" dome


    There were two other exclusives for our guests when they connected on their mobile phones: free drinks coupons to show at the bar, and a page giving details of the panellists including a one-click way to receive their business cards electronically.

    We enjoyed the evening immensely and look forward to further engagement with the fashion and film industries. What types of interactive digital media would you like to see where the fashion is happening?